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The Three Tools of Manifestation: Unlocking the Law of Attraction

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Dr Kev Ash has spent over 30 years studying the true nature of reality. Originally a scientist, Dr Kev co-authored a scientifically-supported model for Mind-Body medicine and held senior positions at the Scientific and Medical Network, a leading international think-tank on Science and Mysticism.

Very few people know how to wield the metaphysical tools of DesireImagination and Expectancy. Those people who are masters at using the Law of Attraction have practised the art and artistry of their use. Now it’s your turn!

During this Online Workshop you will:

✅ Rebuild the ‘manifestation mantra’ of “Ask, Believe, Receive” into a new description based on our three metaphysical tools. This will deepen your understanding of how our reality is created.
✅ Learn what most people overlook as to the true nature of Desire, Imagination and Expectancy. It’s like finally having an instruction manual handed to you. (If only you could have known sooner!)
✅ Explore the vital personal qualities of Beliefs and Attitudes, Thoughts and Feelings, Choices and Decisions. This is critical knowledge for working with the Law.
✅ Take a shortcut around the beliefs that hold back your success. It’s so incredibly powerful.

Sharpening your Desire, Imagination and Expectancy will vastly improve the clarity and power of your manifestation work. It’s a giant boost for those striving for success!



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