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Bitesize Metaphysics:

Bitesize Metaphysics was created for people who have little time or patience for those aging metaphysics textbooks or expensive courses about manifesting whatever it is that you desire.

This is a course designed for the modern, mobile, connected generation. Bitesize Metaphysics builds your knowledge and mastery of metaphysics one ‘bite’ at a time, with powerful concepts, tools, and techniques.

Presented by Dr Kev Ash, the Spiritual Apprentice, he brings a fresh approach to learning metaphysics, gleaned from his 30 years of study and practice of the craft.

Every week a new course module is released,

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Three Tools of Manifestation

(13 Video Series)

Desire, Imagination and Expectancy are not “secrets”. They appear as requirements in just about every manual and course on metaphysics.

The secret is seeing them for what they truly are, rather than some supporting state of mind.

They are the actual tools of the Law of Attraction, empowering you to manifest whatever you wish in your life.

But there are few people, who know how to work with these tools consciously.

This course will show you how.


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