Learn the Secrets of Casting Spells With Mastery

FREE LIVE Event: May 9th, 10th and 11th

3 Key Precepts To Casting Spells More Powerfully To Manifest Your Desires

Witches! Do you wish to learn how to cast your spells with more power as you co-create with the Goddess?

Join metaphysician Dr Kev Ash in a FREE 3-day online course to learn the ancient secrets of Prepotency, Feeling-Tone, and Expectancy. These precepts will bring more clarity and power to your spell work, whether you are a new witch or seasoned practitioner.

Each daily session will be 1 hour long.


Here’s why you need to attend this unique event:

From May 9 to May 11, Dr Kev will present LIVE the 3 key metaphysical precepts that you, as a witch, can use to cast more powerful spells. Each one-hour session will cover the ancient knowledge that has made magic so potent in the past, updating it to make it relevant and immediately useful to the modern witch.

All witches/wiccans are invited to attend (bring your familiars!) We will create a sacred circle amongst ourselves and discuss some concepts that are seldom taught in courses on witchcraft.

Dr Kev will also be giving away bonuses and prizes during each session. On Day 3 we’ll announce the winner of a magnificent witches cloak!! Make sure you register to enter the prize draw.

You must attend a live session to be eligible to claim the prizes, so see you there! 🙂

Blessed Be! )O(

Here is the schedule:

Day 1: May 9

7pm UK/2pm EST/11am PST

Waxing Moon: Prepotency.

Preparing the witch psychically to cast spells free from past trauma, and to step into a magical dominion supported by her spiritual ancestry

Day 2: May 10

7pm UK/2pm EST/11am PST

Full Moon: Feeling-Tone.

A deeper understanding of co-creation in the present moment. Learn to cast spells with greater clarity and power by shaping your manifestation using sound.

Day 3: May 11

7pm UK/2pm EST/11am PST

Waining Moon: Expectancy.

Developing Mastery in your spell-work using the High Magic of Expectancy. Learn how to receive from the Goddess with faith, grace and gratitude.

Bonus Session: May 12

7pm UK/2pm EST/11am PST

Dr Kev will hold a LIVE Q&A session on May 12 to answer questions of his new course Secrets of Casting Spells With Mastery. Submit your questions during the live event and we’ll discuss them here.

Who is Dr Kev?

(and why should you listen to him? AKA: Will there be VALUE in this free event?)

Dr Kev Ash

Dr Kev Ash has spent over 30 years studying the nature of reality. Originally a scientist, Dr Kev has been pushing boundaries ever since he co-authored a new model for Mind-Body medicine as a PhD student, one now supported by scientific studies.

He describes himself as a “spiritual apprentice,” but clearly Dr Kev is much more than the ‘eternal student’; he is an innovator and a powerful teacher in his own right.

Until recently, Dr Kev taught his acquired knowledge only privately. Now he brings his unique perspective to the world in a series of courses and publications aimed at unifying ancient wisdom and modern life.

Ready? Let’s Get Started!


Here’s what others are saying about Dr Kev.

“Even those who don’t present themselves as teachers, for me I may still learn a great deal from. Dr. Kev is a teacher.”

Zorba the Zen, Spiritual Guru

“Your forum posts really impress me!”
The Law of Attraction Forum

Liz Bennet

Dr. Kev is an Ancient Soul. He has an intuitive understanding of metaphysics and a deeply inquisitive, open mind. Listen to him!”

Joan B.

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