The Three Tools of Manifestation

A Repair Guide for The Law of Attraction

“To have set out to consciously manifest a wish and struggle to have it materialise hurts. It damages you; it damages your confidence, your beliefs, your feelings. You find yourself in a downward spiral of mistrusting your expectancy, scorning your imagination, and you are humiliated by your desire. Your reality becomes less joyful. It can become a frightening place.”
— Dr Kev Ash

Dear Friend,

The Law of Attraction holds out so much promise, but it seems only some people find true success with it. For others, it can be endlessly frustrating.

You have read the books, attended the courses, gathered your vision boards and tried to remain positive, but it simply isn’t working.

You have the tools you need, but do you understand them?

Those successful people have developed their mastery of the Law of Attraction because they are using three metaphysical tools for their manifestations. These tools are the instruments of their success:

They are desire, imagination and expectancy.

The Law of Attraction does not begin and end with the power of thought and the aliveness of gratitude.

Desire, imagination and expectancy are vital tools. They craft your wishes into dreams, enrich those dreams with vibrancy, then throw the switch to bring them into your material reality.

Issues with the Law of Attraction arise when these tools are used superficially or are neglected.

Unfortunately, many people equate Imagination with fantasy, Expectancy with attitude, and view them as a supporting cast for Desire. They do not appreciate them for what they are, or properly use them in their manifestation work. Often, they have never been taught how!

To take control of your life, you need to understand what these metaphysical tools do. They also need to be cleaned and sharpened to properly serve you in your life’s journey.

Think about those people you admire who are masters at manifestation. All, without fail, have an expansive and enveloping desire for dreams; a vibrant imagination rich with detail; and a deep-seated trust in their expectancy.

For them success is inevitable.

Get started on repairs…

Metaphysician, Dr Kev Ash, has distilled the most essential information about Desire, Imagination and Expectancy into an easy-to-use, pocket-sized course. He has used his 30 years’ of experience to create a step-by-step guide for sharpening your metaphysical tools so they perform at their best in your manifestation work.

This is not some esoteric manual filled with ancient incantations. You get a straightforward discussion about the Law of Attraction. You learn how these tools work with this Law. Then you get a simple set of instructions to work directly with the source of these tools, your subconscious mind.

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Who is Dr Kev Ash?

(and why should you listen to him? AKA: Will there be VALUE in this course?)

Dr Kev Ash

Dr Kev Ash has spent more than 30 years studying the nature of reality. Originally a scientist, Dr Kev has been pushing boundaries ever since he co-authored a new model for Mind-Body medicine, one now supported by scientific studies. He describes himself as, “a spiritual apprentice, a student of metaphysics,” but Kev Ash is much more than that; he is an innovator and teacher in his own right.

Until recently, Dr Kev has taught his acquired knowledge only privately. Now he brings his unique perspective to the world in a series of courses and publications aimed at unifying ancient wisdom and modern life.

What will this course do for me?

Very few people know how to wield the tools of Desire, Imagination and Expectancy. Undoubtedly, those people who are masters at using the Law of Attraction have practised the art and artistry of their use. Now it’s your turn!

In this course you will:

✅ Rebuild the ‘manifestation mantra’ of “Ask, Believe, Receive” into a new description based on our three metaphysical tools. This will deepen your understanding of how our reality is created.
✅ Learn what most people overlook as to the true nature of Desire, Imagination and Expectancy. It’s like finally having an instruction manual handed to you. (If only you could have known sooner!)
✅ Explore the vital personal qualities of Beliefs and Attitudes, Thoughts and Feelings, Choices and Decisions. This is critical knowledge for working with the Law.
✅ Use the alchemy of discernment with your Desire to revitalise the dreams you are currently working on, or to discover new dreams for a brilliant future.
✅ Learn how to visualise with greater clarity and precision, a critical step in supercharging your imagination.
✅ Immerse yourself in an incredible series of sensory exercises to take your imagination to the next level, sharpening your ability to use this majestic tool.
✅ Take a shortcut around the beliefs that hold back your success, using a spectacular trick of colour. It’s so incredibly powerful.

You can use these exercises as often as you like to vastly improve the clarity and power of your manifestation work. It’s a giant boost for those striving for success!

What are others saying about Dr Kev?

“Even those who don’t present themselves as teachers, for me I may still learn a great deal from. Dr. Kev is a teacher.”

Zorba the Zen, Spiritual Guru

“Your forum posts really impress me!”
The Law of Attraction Forum

Liz Bennet

Dr. Kev is an Ancient Soul. He has an intuitive understanding of metaphysics and a deeply inquisitive, open mind. Listen to him!”

Joan B.

What does it cost?

It has taken months of effort, sifting through a private library of lecture notes and metaphysical literature, and experimenting with a myriad of techniques, to arrive at a single, powerful course on the Three Tool of Manifestation.

It would have been so easy to present this course at one of those $2000 three-day workshops, but the core themes of the material would only have been side-tracked by the endless breakout sessions and ‘death by PowerPoint’.

This course was designed for anyone who needed extra help and would actually use it.

If you need to help in finding success, you need this information!

So forget the round-table discussions with strangers. Your dreams are personal to You. Get this step-by-step course and work at home whenever you like.

Important! As a full-day workshop, this material costs 50-times the price. But with all of the hurt going on in the world, Dr Kev would prefer to reach 50-times as many people.
The most cost-effective way we could get this incredible information to you is as an eBook.

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Look, we get it.

There are thousands of books out there on the Law of Attraction. 99% of them are ripped off from some long-dead author, or just complete trash. Many books read like they were written by robots or by some kid in his basement.

This is not one of those books!

This course was written from scratch by Dr Kev using notes, sources and meditative insights he has collected from over 30 years of study. This is an original work written with wisdom and love, and a true desire to help you succeed.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality and utility of this material, then we are happy to refund you at any time within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked.

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It’s Your Reality, You Decide

This is not another course in vision boards and positive attitudes. This is for those who have done all of that and are still looking for success.

In a very practical sense, this is a repair guide for the Law of Attraction (not for the Law itself, but for you).

Dr Kev takes a look under the hood to explain the engine of our reality and hooks up the battery.

He shows you how to clean and use the metaphysical tools you need for making your own repairs.

For this small, one-off, limited-time price you will finally understand:

• The true nature of Desire, Imagination and Expectancy (that so few people seem to realise)
• How deeply this trinity is a part of us, and how they affect the person that we are.
• How to increase their power and efficacy with a few simple exercises.

This is a beautiful little book, filled with passion and wisdom, that leads you step-by-step to the life that you wish for.

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Will you ever be ready to manifest your wish?

It’s crazy, isn’t it?

Some students of the Law of Attraction read one book like Think and Grow Rich or Ask and It Is Given and… bam, they are ordering the Ferrari or moving in with their new partner.

Others spend hours putting their vision boards together, attending every webinar going, and stay focussed on their desire, and… nothing happens.

Do you want a solution, or will you just let this slip away?


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P.S. Remember, this material would cost 50-times the price to learn in a private, full-day workshop with Dr Kev. This is the first time he has made this material public and distilled it into this pocket-sized form. Dr Kev wanted to help at this time of need. PLEASE, take advantage of this reduced price and availability while you still can!

P.P.S. This has to be the biggest bargain of your current incarnation!

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