About me

In the winter of 1989, I stood on the doorstep of a house. The windows were dark, the door was locked, and this was a source of confusion for me. I had been coming to this house one evening each month for the past few months to join a small group of people around the television set in the living room. Our hosts were “friends” of a channelled entity – a spark of consciousness that existed outside of time and space – and we were gathered there to watch videos of this channelled entity in action.

The fact that I came to the sessions at all was rather unusual since I was studying for a PhD at the time. And my research was about as mechanistic and reductionist as you could possibly get; I was a molecular biologist, a scientist that looked for the secrets of life within molecules such as DNA and amino acids. I described the living organism as the action of cells. I was a passionate admirer of the physical realm and I studied the complexities of the microscopic. I revelled in the perfection of protein and nucleic acid structures. I had no issue with the paradigm of  The Selfish Gene, a book by Prof Richard Dawkins that expounded the view that the sole purpose of life and the reason for our existence was simply the need of our genetic structures to reproduce.

But I had a secret. I couldn’t explain something on a recording that a friend had given me a few years earlier. It was a recording of the voice of that same channelled entity (I’ll call it “JL”). The insight and wisdom I heard made me question my whole belief in a purely physical reality – a world comprised only of chemicals and molecules and cells.

Of course, I had no evidence that JL was a non-physical consciousness. Indeed, the person ‘channelling’ was certainly physical; a normal human being. I had seen several photos of the person. So, naturally, I had all the usual arguments that the ‘scientific’ sceptics so readily put forth lined up in my logical mind, ready to challenge the ridiculousness of it all. Yet, I knew at a level beyond logic and the mechanistic world-view that I held so dear that I was indeed listening to something ‘otherworldly’.

So, I began to panic. My science and my world view (my “paradigm”) should be able to explain what I heard. But, in my heart, it knew wouldn’t.

Now, over 40 years later, I am finally realising I have still much to learn about the world yet I now have a much broader pallet from which to draw my conclusions. I have also reached an age and station in life where I no longer need to keep “the secret” any longer. Indeed, I have come to the firm conclusion that metaphysics makes perfectly logical sense in explaining the world around me, and I am more excited than ever to explore it through this lens.

Spiritual Apprentice explores the teachings of metaphysics with an aim to develop a new, real-world paradigm of reality creation. Through articles, books, guests and links, I can put forward my thoughts, feelings and findings.

Being a Spiritual Apprentice is now how I make my living and support my family so I’d appreciate it if you’d look at purchasing items from the store.

It’s taken a lifetime to get this far. I hope you’ll join me as I walk the path less travelled by…

— Dr Kev